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mediageek 16 October 2008 part 2: Evanston Organizes to Stop the Box

A little-recognized aspect of Illinois’ new statewide cable TV franchise law is that it takes away local municipalities’ ability to enforce zoning laws and similar provisions when it comes to how cable TV providers use the public right-of-way. Residents of Evanston, IL got a rude wake up call to this provision when AT&T started installing large and loud refrigerator-sized utility boxes in front of and behind residences all over this Chicago suburb. Not only is the city government prevented from doing anything about it, but it’s actually required to help AT&T put them in place.

Scott Sanders of Chicago Media Action has been working with Evanston residences who’ve organized a coalition called Stop the Box to press for changes in the state franchising law. On the second half of the Oct. 16 radioshow Scott calls in from outside a public meeting held on this subject, and hands the phone to Mary Beth Kisner-Griffin, one of the local organizers, who tells us more about how AT&T has worked hard to disempower local residents and governments.


mediageek 16 October 2008 part 2 – broadcast quality mp3

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