mediageek 2007-05-25


mediageek 2007-05-18: Why the Internet Is Vital for Independent Media

John Anderson from joins me again this week for a wide ranging discussion on why the internet has been so vital for independent media, and why we need to protect that vitality with network neutrality.

mediageek 2007-05-11: Corporate Radio Piracy & Pay-Per-Listen

John Anderson, outgoing producer of Free Press’ Media Minutes and the maven behind, joins me again to discuss a couple of radio stories you probably haven’t heard. First, XM Satellite Radio gets caught running pirate radio transmitters. Then, John reveals plans to turn digital broadcast radio into a pay-per-listen medium.


mediageek 2007-05-04: News Wrap-Up

1 out 6 Londoners choose pirates, Oxaca students seize station for May Day, and HD-DVD gets cracked into song.


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