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mediageek 5-19-06: Bringing Radio Transmitters to Indigenous People in Central America; Musicians Speak Out To Save the Internet

The guests for this program are Bill Taylor and Adrienne Bauer from the Primary Communications Project, which works to bring communications technology to indigenous communities in Centarl America. Bill and Adrienne recently returned from Honduras where they are working with Radio Lenca and the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras to build a 1000-watt AM radio transmitter to serve the Lenca people.

In the second half of the program we hear from Rep. Edward Markey and popular electronic musician Moby, announcing a new coalition of musicians and artists to preserve a free internet.

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mediageek 5-12-06: Yes Men Put One Over on Halliburton and Disaster Profiteers


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mediageek 5-5-06: Internet Free Speech Advances, Under the Hood of Podcasting

A big news update this week as the House stalls on telecomm legislation and pressure grows to get Congress to preserve free speech on the internet. Paul also takes a look under the hood at podcasting — is it really just a fancy word for downloading mp3s?

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