mediageek 11-17-06: Telecom Under a Dem Congress

Paul takes a look at the prospects for telecommunications legislation and regulation under a Democratic congress. He also considers the rise of so-called “user created” video on YouTube and Google Video, and what that means for independent media makers.


mediageek 11-10-06: Update from Oaxaca

The Oaxaca state government has stepped up its offensive agains the popular movement APPO there, now aided by the Mexican federal government. Police have targeted Radio Universidad, the last remaining radio voice of the APPO, along with people involved in the movement. Nancy Davies and George Salzman, two Americans living in Oaxaca, provide us another important update about what’s really happening there, and what’s not being reported in the US mainstream media.


mediageek 11-3-06: The Continuing Story of WEFT

On this edition we listen to part 2 of my interview with WEFT founding member, Bill Thomas.


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