mediageek 2007-09-28: Bachelor Pad Magazine

Jason Croft is an enthusiast of mid-century culture and music, bringing it to the radio and to the web for more than seven years at his website, Java’s Bachelor Pad. Now Jason is setting out to bring together this grassroots network of fellow hep cats and cool kittens in print, with Bachelor Pad magazine. He tells us more about the culture of mid-century enthusiasts and why he decided to start an independent magazine to cover it.


mediageek 2007-09-21: Chicago Tells the FCC about Ownership Diversity

On Sept. 20 the FCC held a public hearing on media ownership at the HQ of Rainbow/Push on the South side of Chicago. This hearing focused on the sorry state of minority ownership in media, which is especially bad in Chicago, one of the nation’s largest media markets.

We listen to some testimony from that hearing and then speak with Scott Sanders, from Chicago Media Action, who attended the hearing.


mediageek 2007-09-14: The MicroPOWER of Radio

On this edition I share some audio from a panel discussion I participated in at the Global Fusion conference, Sept. 6 – 8, sponsored by Southern Illinois University. My co-panelists were John Anderson of, Jay Needhman, Professor of Sonic Arts at SIU, and Josh Gumiela, an MFA student at SIU. In the panel we discuss the history of unlicensed radio and some of its potentials.


mediageek 2007-09-07


mediageek 2007-08-31: Christian Radio on the Way in Ireland

Ireland, like much of Europe, has a very different radio history than the US. Non-state-run radio, whether commercial or community, is only about 20 years old. Now Ireland is about to start licensing religious radio stations, bringing its media landscape a little closer to America’s. Andrew O’Baoill talks about the differences between the US and Ireland radio landscapes and the introduction of religious radio in Ireland.


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