mediageek 2007-8-17: Not Enough Public Interest in DTV & AM Stations Trying To Invade the FM Dial

This week it’s a big news update, covering: criticism over the lack of public interest considerations in the FCC’s rulemakings for the transition to digital TV; the Sept. 20 media ownership hearing in Chicago; progress in restoring LPFM; the proposal to allow AM stations to have low-power repeaters on the FM dial.


mediageek 2007-08-10: Preserving the Past in Media

August 11 was Home Movie Day, dedicated to educating people about the valuable memories and histories contained in celluloid that litters closets, basements and attics. Jimi Jones helped organized Home Movie Day in Champaign-Urbana, IL, where he works for the University of Illinois Library as an archivist and media preservationist. We talk about the value of preserving our audio-visual media and how we can do it.


mediageek 2007-08-03: Brattleboro Community Radio – From Unlicensed to LPFM

An encore edition: My guest for this program is Larry Bloch from Brattleboro, VT Community Radio who shares the story of how that small city started with an unlicensed community station that was shut down by the FCC, and then transitioned to having a licensed low-power station.


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