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mediageek 9-29-06: The importance of community radio and the challenges it faces

On this edition we listen to some audio from the keynote address at the Northwest Community Radio Conference, held on Sept. 15 – 17. Karen Toering from Reclaim the Media dicusses why community radio is still vitally important, and Lupito Florez from KYRS, Spokane WA talks about threats to that low-power community radio station.


mediageek 9-22-06: The Negative Effects of Media Consolidation on Women and Minorities

The media watchdog group Free Press just released a research report detailing the rapidly declining rate of broadcast media outlet ownership amongst women and minorities. On this edition we listen to excerpts from a national press briefing featuring the study’s authors, FCC Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein, Janet Murguia from the National Council of La Raza and David Honig from the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council.


Listen Now – mediageek 9-15-06 – Radio and Revolution in Oaxaca, Mexico


mediageek 9-15-06: Radio and Revolution in Oaxaca, Mexico

A popular uprising is happening in that Mexican state, spurred on by a police attack on striking teachers and the diputed national election in July. Radio and television have become important tool’s for the people in their resistance to the neoliberal state and national government. I’m dedicating the entire program to an interview with Nancy Davies and George Salzman, two Americans who have been living in Oaxaca for the last seven years and witnessing the uprising first hand.


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mediageek 9-8-06: The Fight for Network Neutrality Picks Up

Senators have returned to Washington after a month break back in their home districts. Citizens across the country took advantage of that time to rally their elected representatives to support network neutrality. And now the effort steps up in DC as the Senate considers a sweeping telecom bill that doesn’t yet guarantee internet freedom.

Free Press’ Tim Karr fills us in on the details of the effort to save the internet this fall.


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mediageek 9-1-06: American Apparel Threatens Independent Magazine

The fall issue of the radically independent Clamor Magazine has a section taking on American Apparel for its anti-union record, charges of sexual harassment by former employees, and advertising criticized for objectifying women. And while many of these charges have already appeared in the press, American Apparel, which made $120 million last year, has decided to threaten Clamor, whose entire annual budget is $150,000, with a lawsuit over their reporting.

In this edition of the program Jen Angel, founder and co-publisher of Clamor, explains the situation and why it’s important to expose the underbelly of American Apparel.
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