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mediageek 15 January 2009: Talking about the FCC Chair Apparent

Word on the streets is that Obama’s nominee for FCC Chair is a law school classmate of his, and former counsel to FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, Julius Genachowski. However, until recently most observers hadn’t heard of him. Arstechnica‘s Matthew Lasar has been doing his research and joins us again to share what he knows, and what he forsees for a Genchowski FCC.


mediageek 15 January 2009 broadcast quality mp3

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mediageek 2008-05-16: The Media According to Matthew Lasar

Matthew Lasar is an astute observer of the American media policy landscape. A media historian and lecturer at U-C Santa Cruz, he’s authored two definitive books on the Pacifica Network, and currently writes for his own website, the Lasar Letter on the FCC, and for the tech new site ArsTechnica. Matthew joins me to talk about the importance of understanding media policy and regulation and what he thinks the most important issues are right now.



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