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mediageek 21 May 2009 part 2: More with Daniel Gilfillan Discussing Radio

This is part two of my interview with Daniel Gilfillan, author of Pieces of Sound: German Experimental Radio. We bring our discussion of German radio innovators into the late 20th century with the emergence of pirate and commercial radio in Germany. We also discuss contemporary radio and its future in the internet age.

This part two comes from the live aircheck of the May 21, 2009 broadcast of mediageek on WNUR-FM and is not intended for syndication.

mediageek 21 May 2009 part 2 broadcast quality mp3

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mediageek 21 May 2009: German Experimental Radio

Early German radio enthusiasts, scholars and producers sought to make that medium something more than a means for broadcasting light entertainment and, eventually, propaganda. In his book Pieces of Sound: German Experimental Radio, Daniel Gilfillan makes crucial connections between these early experiments and our contemporary multimedia world where we still stand in that disputed territory between producer and receiver. Gilfillan is associate professor of German Studies in the School of International Letters and Cultures at Arizona State University.


mediageek 21 May 2009 broadcast quality mp3

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