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mediageek 16 July 2009: The Value of College Radio

Jennifer Waits is a college radio enthusiast. From getting her start at Haverford College’s carrier-current WHRC to DJing at Foothill College’s KFJC Waits has worked at a variety of stations, always propelled by her love of independent music and media. She blogs about her passion at Spinning Indie where she posts reports from her tours of stations around the country, along with news of relevance to college radio. She joins the program this week to talk about the important place college radio has in our media environment.

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mediageek 9 July 2009: Commercial Radio Plays the Same Old Songs

Nearly four years ago the four largest commercial radio owners promised to play more independent music as part of a consent degree arising from the payola scandal. But still, not much has changed. The Future of Music Coalition has been tracking radio playlists to see if commercial stations have been keeping their promises. FMC’s Kristin Thomson joins to discuss the situation.


mediageek 9 July 2009 broadcast quality mp3

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