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mediageek 26 February 2009: New Hope for LPFM & the Chicago Journalism Town Hall

Another year, another bill to restore LPFM is introduced into Congress. Only, this time, with GW Bush out of the White House and Democrats in charge of Congress, it looks like LPFM has a fighting chance. Also, we listen to excerpts from the Chicago Journalism Town Hall tackling head on the future of local news as the commercial papers stand on the brink of extinction.


mediageek 26 February 2009 broadcast quality mp3

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mediageek 29 January 2009: Propsed DTV Delay Gets Delayed

So much has happened–and yet, not happened–in the new year with a new Congress and a new president, that it’s time for a news update. DTV delay gets bogged down in the House, net neutrality-looking stuff is passed in House stimulus package, and Cox Communications announces plans to start messing with customers’ broadband Comcast-style.

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mediageek 29 January 2009 broadcast quality mp3

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