mediageek 10 December 2009: One Down, Three to Go, with the Yes Men

The mediageek radioshow is coming to a close with the end of 2009, so for the last four shows we’ll be listening to some of Paul’s favorite interviews from the last seven years. On today’s program we listen to two different interviews with media pranksters and identity correctors, the Yes Men. First we listen to an interview that first aired on Dec. 24, 2004, after the Yes Men impersonated Dow Chemical spokesmen to take responsibility for the Bhopal disaster, live on the BBC. Then we listen to an interview that aired May 16, 2006 after the Yes Men successfully demonstrated Halliburton’s new Survivaball that helps corporate executives survive the rising tides of climate change.

mediageek 10 December 2009 broadcast quality mp3

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