mediageek 5 November 2009: Possible Interference Boost for HD Radio & SF’s Pirate Cat Leaves the Air

John Anderson from joins us this week to review recent news in digital and pirate radio. First he tells us about a proposed power boost for HD Radio that would increase interference on the FM dial. Then we discuss the recent voluntary shutdown of San Francisco’s Pirate Cat radio in response to an FCC threat.


mediageek 5 November 2009 broadcast quality mp3

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  • By brad johnson, November 10, 2009 @ 9:41 pm

    I dont like the idea of clear channel owning lucent(R) that license hd radio transmitters
    my community station can not aford to pay dues to broadcast HD , no one has any radio’s
    and it’s a very poor data rate for , much like a old mp3 , and there is no way to update HD radio’s
    like you do your computer software to keep it at the best sounding plug-ins.
    the fcc should never let radio go the way of the digital TV dial , we cant aford to lose our last remaining commmunity stations to the digital knife in the back that is HD radio…

    and whats this new pirate radio movie all about ???

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