mediageek 5-6-05 download: Open Source Independent Radio Distribution – Shawn Ewald of the A-Infos Radio Project

We interview Shawn Ewald, programmer and volunteer behind the A-Infos Radio Project. The project has been serving an archive of independently produced and shared radio programming since 1996 — before most of the world had heard of “mp3.” Ewald recently opened up the source of the softward that runs the Project so that others may also use or improve it.

Shawn passed along links to some of the example programs he mentioned in the interview. They’re after the jump (after the download & stream links).

Faster download mirror at Radio Indymedia:



From Shawn:

I just thought I’d pass this along some references to some of the
programs I mentioned in the interview (and some I thought of after)
that I feel make the radio project unique.

The American Consulting Group Promo Soundtrack — Union busting law
firm’s promotional video

Students from UNAM reporting on the student strike as it happens background:

Anti-Nuclear protestors in Germany


Radio Resistencia – Microradio from Spain

Jolly Roger Comedy Troup

Some of the files in last item were sadly lost due to a disk crash
many years ago.

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