mediageek 1-7-05 podcast: Indecency and Broadcasters’ Accountability

I’m doing the radioshow downloads differently as an experiment. I’m separating one file specifically for the podcast feed, and putting the other download and streaming files into separate posts.

This is the download specifically for the podcast feed.

I’ve also got a question for all the podcast listeners, which I’m including here as an mp3, too, in case you never read this page, and just let your podcast software do the downloading.

For those of you reading this, the question is: What is the best format to receive the mediageek podcast? For the first time I’m feeding just a 32kbps mp3 file — lower quality than the broadcast quality 64kbps mp3, but it takes less time to download, uses up less space on your mp3 player. Is this useful, or would another format be better?

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