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mediageek 10 December 2009: One Down, Three to Go, with the Yes Men

The mediageek radioshow is coming to a close with the end of 2009, so for the last four shows we’ll be listening to some of Paul’s favorite interviews from the last seven years. On today’s program we listen to two different interviews with media pranksters and identity correctors, the Yes Men. First we listen to an interview that first aired on Dec. 24, 2004, after the Yes Men impersonated Dow Chemical spokesmen to take responsibility for the Bhopal disaster, live on the BBC. Then we listen to an interview that aired May 16, 2006 after the Yes Men successfully demonstrated Halliburton’s new Survivaball that helps corporate executives survive the rising tides of climate change.

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mediageek 2007-10-12: Community Radio CKUT’s 20th Anniversary Conference

Montreal, Quebec’s community radio station CKUT is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a conference focused on Redefining Media: Media Democracy and Community Media. Gretchen King from CKUT’s Community News Department is my guest to talk about the conference and the station’s unique approach to serving its community.

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mediageek 2007-09-14: The MicroPOWER of Radio

On this edition I share some audio from a panel discussion I participated in at the Global Fusion conference, Sept. 6 – 8, sponsored by Southern Illinois University. My co-panelists were John Anderson of, Jay Needhman, Professor of Sonic Arts at SIU, and Josh Gumiela, an MFA student at SIU. In the panel we discuss the history of unlicensed radio and some of its potentials.


mediageek 2007-04-20: Personal Cinema and Movie Mags in the Age of YouTube

Micro-Film Magazine publisher Jason Pankoke returns to discuss his newest project, a local microcinema ‘zine called C-U Confidential. He shares with us why he’s still enthusiastic about radically independent film and how the local is still an important element.


mediageek 1-20-06: Public broadcasting, podcasting and the internet

This week’s guest is Jack Brighton, who is in charge of internet operations for public broadcaster WILL-AM-FM-TV in Champaign, IL. WILL embraced streaming its radio programs back in 1998 and quickly began podcasting its locally produced programs after podcasting became a standard technology. Jack is passionate about the role of public broadcasting in a democracy, and sees the internet as part of this obligation. He discusses WILL’s internet strategy, and also talks about how some parties in the national public broadcasting scene are pushing to move towards paid rather than free content on the internet.

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mediageek 10-28-05 podcast: What About Low-Power AM?

Don Schellhardt is one member of a coalition that has proposed to the FCC that it create a low-power AM radio service. The Commission has decided to open up public comments on the idea, and Don tells us more on what low-power AM radio might sound like.


mediageek 10-21-05 podcast: Consumers Union Says “Hear Us Now” on Telecomm & Media Policy

The Consumers Union has put together the website to help consumers get educated about the issues affecting their communications environment, and then get active in making positive change. Morgan Jindrich is the director of this effort, and she tells us more about CU’s efforts to improve policy and its current campaign to get the FCC to hold ten public hearings on media ownership before it rewrites the rules again.


mediageek 10-17-05 podcast: What Happens to Our Media and Communications Environment Inside the Beltway

Victor Pickard is our guest to talk about how media and telecommunications legislation gets hashed out in Washington, and how the lobbyists are completely embedded inside the halls and offices of Congress. This past summer Victor worked as a telecommunications policy fellow for Congresswoman Diane Watson. He is is a doctoral student in the Institute of Communications Research at the U of I, and a policy fellow for the Illinois Initiative for Media Policy Research.


mediageek 10-7-05 podcast:The Decline of Commercial Broadcast Journalism and the Rise of PR

John Anderson and Laura Miller join Paul in the studio to talk about the state of journalism in the electronic media. Prior to becoming producer of Free Press’ Media Minutes, John worked in commercial radio news — his last job was morning anchor for the Wisconsin Radio Network. John talks about how he watched radio news get defunded and shrunk under the pressure of consolidation. Laura is the editor of investigative journal PR Watch, published by the Center for Media and Democracy. She talks about how the decline of electronic journalism provided an opportunity for corporations to pass off their own propaganda as news.


mediageek 9-30-05 podcast


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