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mediageek 20 November 2008: free103point9 to return to the airwaves

free103point9 is a transmission arts organization that started as a micropower radio station, moved online and broadened its horizons to become a sponsor and creator of sonic art. Now the group is poised to return to the broadcast airwaves after receiving a full-power non-commercial FM broadcast license from the FCC. free103point9 program director Tom Roe joins to talk about the station and transmission arts.


mediageek 20 November 2008 broadcast quality mp3

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mediageek 20 November 2008 – Part 2 of interview with Tom Roe

The live broadcast of mediageek goes for a full hour, although only 30 minutes is posted for syndication and podcast. I’ve posted the 2nd half of a few shows, but I’ve got a pretty good backlog going on right now.

Here’s the 2nd half of last Thursday’s show featuring Tom Roe, program director for free103point9. It’s not a full half-hour because the show only ran about 45 minutes due to a Northwestern Women’s Basketball broadcast running a little late.


mediageek 20 November 2008 part 2 – broadcast quality mp3

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RNC Wrap-Up

We take a look back at the week of protests and coverage of the just completed Republican National Convention in New York City. We talk with Sarah of, an on-line radio station that participated in the A-Noise Collective to coordinate wall-to-wall coverage of what was going on in the streets of NYC, especially police treatment of peaceful protestors.

We also hear from Colleen Cook, an Urbana-Champaign IMC reporter who was rounded up by NY police and detained at Pier 57, a converted bus depot, for nearly two days.

Information Resources for RNC Protests

On this program we explore some of the information prepation for the protests that will surround the Republican National Convention happening in New York City beginning Aug. 30. Drew talks to a representative of free103point9, which is coordinating a live internet webcast from the protests, and Ellen Knuston joins us in the studio to discuss Radical Reference, which connects reference librarians to indy journalists and others looking for accurate information.

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