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mediageek 22 August 2008: Documenting the Handmade Nation

A movement of independent minded crafters has been rising up across the nation, taking a new spin on the crafts that your grandmother might have made. Faythe Levine is one of them, and she’s taken up a camera to document them in book and film form, both titled Handmade Nation. On this edition of the program Faythe tells us more about the new indie crafters and how she’s documenting their work.


mediageek 22 August 2008 broadcast quality mp3

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mediageek 2008-03-07

Really bad luck this week, totally lost the audio for the March 7 show. My apologies to everyone. Standing in is a repeat of the Jan. 11 program:
Wally Bowen is the Executive Director of the Mountain Area Information Network, a non-profit which has provided internet and information services to Western North Carolina for more than a decade. He believes that a non-commerical alternative to the enormous commercial DSL and cable modem duopolies in most communities is absolutely essential for guaranteeing the future freedom of the internet. In this week’s program Wally tell us more about MAIN and why nonprofit information services are so important.


mediageek 12-8-06: Listen Now


mediageek 8-19-05 download: Big News Wrap-up – What’s Up at the FCC, Telecomm Mergers Under the Radar, Canadian Media Labor Lockout & more

Paul catches up with a boatload of media news, including what’s going on at the FCC with media ownership and indecency, a look at some simmering telecomm mergers and more.


Info for the 2-18-05 show

The 2-18-05 show will be posted to first this week. It will be posted by Monday 2-21-05 at 6 PM CST.

It will be posted here shortly thereafter.

The Public Protests Sinclair; A New Media Reform News Program

About 70 – 100 people attended a protest against Champaign, IL Sinclair station WICD on Saturday, Oct. 23. Amongst the protestors’ complaints were Sinclair’s threat of running a one-sided anti-Kerry documentary in prime time and the company’s “The Point” right-wing commentary that is appended to the local news without an opportunity for an opposing viewpoint. Paul and Drew bring a report on that protest.

We also talk to’s John Anderson about his new project, Media Minutes, a 5-minute weekly audio newscast about media reform and policy issues.

Who Siezed Indymedia Hard Drives? and Sinclair Backs Off “Stolen Honor”

On this edition we catch up on media news and try to get to the bottom of who seized Indymedia hard drives now that the UK gov’t and the FBI deny involvement. We also review all of the myriad facets in the story of Sinclair’s attempt to air the anti-Kerry documentary, “Stolen Honor.”


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The Importance of Public Access TV, Indymedia Servers Returned and Sinclair Embarasses Itself and Employees

We hear from Prof. Robert McChesney speaking to the Champaign-Urbana Joint Cable Commission on the importance of public access TV. And we discuss the mysterious return of Indymedia web server hard drives by the US government, and Sinclair’s plans to air an anti-John Kerry program in prime time on all of its owned and operated stations.


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Archive Problem Solved

In order to lighten the load on the server that hosts, I was using’s Freecache service to cache the 64 kbps mp3 and ogg archives of the radioshow. Unfortunately, Freecache died without any real notice, putting these archives off-line, and I didn’t figure it out until today.

Luckily, it’s an easy problem to solve, and all the affected archives are back on-line now.

More on Freak Radio Santa Cruz Shutdown, Media EmergenC in San Diego, and IMC Server Hard Drives Seized

We talk to the V-Man from Freak Radio Santa Cruz who tells us how the station is dealing with their recent FCC bust, and to Jacob, one of the organizers behind Media EmergenC, an independent media convergence happening in opposition to the National Association of Broadcasters Radio Show in San Diego, CA.


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