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The Radio Survivor Podcast

If you’ve stumbled upon the old mediageek archives or miss the old show, I recommend checking out my current podcast, Radio Survivor.  It is, in many ways, the spiritual successor to the mediageek radioshow. While we primarily focus on community-centric radio in all its forms–broadcast, internet and podcasting–we also dig into media policy issues, like ownership rules and network neutrality.

Radio-Survivor-Podcast-Logo-June-2015I particularly enjoy doing Radio Survivor because of my production and hosting partner Eric Klein, along with having the opportunity to talk regularly with my fellow Radio Survivor co-founders Jennifer Waits and Matthew Lasar. Whereas mediageek was usually a mostly-solo venture, Radio Survivor is a collaboration, making it much easier to stick with, week after week.

I invite you to listen!

mediageek 2009-12-31: The Final Mediageek Radioshow

We finish the year and the decade with the very last edition of mediageek. John Anderson of, the most frequent guest on the program, joins Paul in the studio for the send-off. There are a lot of thanks, some consideration the growth of the media democracy movement and John makes Paul reflect on the short history of the radio program.

This 30 minute syndicated version of the program is edited down from the live version which ran well over an hour on New Year’s Eve. The full (mostly) unedited version of the program will be posted next week.

mediageek 31 December 2009 broadcast quality mp3

Listen Now:

mediageek 18 June 2009 part 2: Jerry Del Colliano on Radio’s Future

On part two of the June 18 program Inside Music Media’s Jerry Del Colliano talks more about the importance of localism in radio and how Steve Jobs and Apple created the future of music media that commercial radio completely lost. I also read some listener comments on the future of radio.

This part 2 is not intended for syndication to mediageek affiliate stations.

mediageek 18 June 2009 part 2 – broadcast quality mp3

Listen Now:

On This Week’s Show: Clear Channel and the Decline of Commercial Radio

I’m excited to have as this week’s guest Alec Foege author of the book Right of the Dial: The Rise of Clear Channel and the Decline of Commercial Radio, now out in paperback. We’ll talk about how a little regional Texas broadcast company grew into the nation’s biggest radio owner, changing the fundamentals of the radio business in the process.

Tune in live this Thursday, June 4, at 9 PM Central to WNUR 89.3 FM in Chicago, or online live at If you miss the live broadcast catch mediageek on one of the affiliate stations listed on the right sidebar, or download the podcast, posted by midnight Sunday, June 7.

On This Week’s Radioshow: German Experimental Radio

I’m excited this week to have as my guest Daniel Gilfillan, an associate professor of German studies and information literacy at Arizona State University, and author of the new book Pieces of Sound: German Experimental Radio. What’s interesting about this topic is how early German radio enthusiasts, scholars and producers sought to make that medium something more than a means for broadcasting light entertainment and, eventually, propaganda. In his book Gilfillan makes crucial connections between these early experiments and our contemporary multi-media world where we still stand in that disputed territory between producer and receiver.

This interview airs live on the mediageek radioshow this Thursday, May 21, at 9 PM Central Time on WNUR 89.FM in Chicago. You can tune in live online at

Before and during the program please send me your questions and comments via email (mediageek(at) or via Twitter, and I’ll read them on air.

Howdy Pardner

This here is the home of the mediageek radioshow. But there’s also a mediageek blog, which is the hub of the mediageek world at:

So listen to some programs then mosey on over there.

mediageek 26 November 2008

This week an encore edition from July 18:

The Free Music Archive aims to be a curated warehouse of music from all genres that is licensed by the artist, label or other rights holder for free use under a Creative Commons license. The Archive is a project of free form community radio station WFMU, and station manager Ken Freedman tells us more about it.


mediageek 26 November 2008 broadcast quality mp3

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A New Chapter for the Radioshow

In the best blogger style, I’m remembering to post this only hours in advance…

Beginning tonight at 9 PM CDT the mediageek radioshow begins a new chapter with a new station. Tonight is the debut of the mediageek radioshow on WNUR 89.3 FM, the radio station of Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, serving the north side of Chicago and the North Shore suburbs. As I’ve mentioned on the blog and radioshow, I moved to Chicago back in April, saying a teary goodbye to the studios of community radio WEFT in Champaign, IL where the show got its start. Since then I’ve been producing the show at home, while it continues to air on WEFT and a dozen other stations.

Besides the change to a new station and city the show now moves to an hour-long format. Because the current mediageek affiliates only have a half-hour set aside for the program I’ll be doing the show in two segments. The first half-hour will be much like the current show, with news headlines and feature interviews.

With the second half-hour I’m planning to take a looser approach. When there are live guests who are willing to stick around the full hour I’d like to take live listener phone calls. WNUR has a live web stream, so this opportunity will be available not just to folks listening in the Chicago area. I’d also like to spice things up by featuring more audio collage, sonic art and broadcast things that have less to do with policy and regulation. I’ll post the second half-hour for podcast and online listening, too.

So, tonight’s the first trial balloon in the new approach. I’m glad that my pal and frequent guest John Anderson will be along for the ride via phone from Champaign.

Tune in tonight, Sept. 25, from 9 – 10 PM to WNUR 89.3 FM, Evanston, IL, and online at

mediageek 12 September 2008: Porn Free (wireless internet)?

Our man keeping tabs on the FCC Matthew Lasar is here again to talk about the FCC’s plan for a cost-free and porn-free wireless internet service, and other important stuff that files under the mainstream radar.


mediageek 12 September 2008 broadcast quality mp3

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mediageek 29 August 2008: Putting Comcast’s Sanctions in Perspective

On the first of August the FCC ordered Comcast to ends its discriminatory network practices, wherein the Commission found that the nation’s largest cable modem provider had been improperly blocking the internet traffic of its subscribers who were using the BitTorrent file sharing system. Public Knowledge is one of the groups that petitioned the FCC to take action against Comcast. In a recent post to that group’s policy blog, Public Knowledge President and Co-Founder Gigi Sohn provided some historical perspective to explain why the FCC’s sanctioning of Comcast should be looked at as victory. I recently spoke to Gigi and I asked her to explain this perspective and to analyze what the Comcast action means for network neutrality.


mediageek 29 August 2008 broadcast quality mp3

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